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Frequent visitors to my website will notice the arrival of Google Adsense on various pages on my site. What is Adsense? Google Adsense is a way for advertisers to promote their product or website through websites that have information relative to their product, website or service.

So if you sell Car Fresheners and would like to advertise on websites that talk about cars, car products and things related to cars, then you can use Google Adsense to have your website about car fresheners appear on these websites.

So what does Adsense do for my website? Well, you may not believe it but Adsense pays me enough money to cover my home payments, health insurance, phone bills and internet per MONTH!

I cannot tell you how much I am making through Google Adsense as this would breach their Terms and Conditions, but I believe in the next 4 - 6 months I will be able to work full time on Memorymentor and increase my Adsense income by creating more articles. DOING IT NOW!

So if you own a website, you are 50% of the way there. You still have to create the Adsense adverts, place them on your website, and then monitor how they do. There is a shortcut to this and it won't cost you a week's wages!

I few months back I stumbled across a person from England, United Kingdom. His name is Michael Cheney and apparently he has been doing this stuff for a long time.

He was promoting his program, video tutorials, on how to use Adsense on your website to make some serious cash. The product page was informative as was his free course which I learned a lot from. But the videos really made the difference for me. I now make the price of the course back in less than 6 hours on a good day thanks to Adsense!

If you have a website and either you are using Google Adsense or want to start using Google Adsense then I promise you investing in this program will make its money back many times over once you implement it!

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