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Multiplying by 12 shortcut

So how does the 12′s shortcut work? Let’s take a look. 12 X 7 the first thing is to always multiply the 1 of the twelve by the number we are multiplying by, in this case 7. So 1 X 7 = 7. [private] Multiply this 7 by 10 giving 70. (Why? We are working [...]

Square of a 2 digit number begininning with 1

Finding the square of a 2-digit number beginning with 1 1. Take a 2-digit number beginning with 1(e.g., 11 to19). [private] 2. Square the second digit (keep the carry if any) 3. Multiply the second digit by 2 and add the carry from step 2(keep the carry from this step if any) 4. The first [...]

Square of a number made up of threes

Finding the square of a number made up of threes Choose a number made up of threes. [private] 1. Add 1 n-1 times (where n is the number of 3’s) 2. Add a zero 3. Add 8 n-1 times (where n is the number of 3’s) 4. Add a nine E.g. Find the square of [...]

Multiplying two 2 digit numbers

Multiplying two 2 digit numbers where the first digit is the same and the sum of second digits is 10 [private] 1. Take two 2 digit numbers which has the same first digit and sum of second digits is 10 2. Multiply the second digits together 3. Multiply the first digit with its next number [...]

Divisible by 4

This little math trick will show you whether a number is divisible by four or not So, this is how it works. Let’s look at 1234 Does 4 divide evenly into 1234? [private]Well for 4 to divide into any number we have to make sure that the last number is even. If it is an [...]

Do You See An Increase In Your Maths Abilities?

Hi readers, I am putting this post up today as I would really like to know whether you are using the techniques you have read in the free tutorial, and whether you are using any of them in your normal day? I know many use it for the weight conversion and the temperature conversions, but [...]

Addition Shortcut Video

Looking out for shorcuts in addition will certainly help you speed up the time spent adding. [private]Take a look at the video here[/private] Related Articles: Rounding Numbers Vedic Maths Videos Resource Arthur Benjamin – Mathemagician Multiply Up To 99 using just your hands How to Square Numbers Quickly Sign up to our Newsletter Be Notified [...]

Lightning Fast Mental Maths

If you havent seen this ebook, you got to check it out now; This tips and tricks ebook has been around for a while now, and I thought it was about time to start working on another free ebook like this one. This is where your input will help. Please post your comments and [...]

Mental Maths Shortcut 5 squared Genius

Here is a really quick way to square any number with a 5 on the end. [private] Lets take Ok, so what you have to do is split up the numbers, giving you and Forget about the for the moment and do this: Always add 1, adding 1 to the 4, so we get 4 [...]

Mental Math Shortcut Multiplying by 11

How do we multiply by eleven easily? First we will try this by writing the answer backwards. So, when always multiplying a large number by 11, the last number will always be the last number of the sum we are multiplying. Let me explain. [private]176 is the number we are multiplying. So the last number [...]


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