Interesting Percentage Growth Video

I came across this video this morning about exponential growth and the doubling effect. It’s quite an eye opener and something to take into account when you read about % increases for various things we encounter throughout our daily live.

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6 Responses to “Interesting Percentage Growth Video”

  1. Nice Video….I didn’t had a clue either!

    Thank you for sharing this link Kevin.

  2. Thanks for this video .
    Now i ve learned one more trick to solve certain problems.

  3. Hi Kevin
    I have seen this before and am pleased to view it again. one needs to understand the significance of the exponential growth on everyday life


  4. this is wonderful, I wish I could get the text of this exponential maths made easy and more!

  5. Kevin:

    This was a very interesting vdo! The chess story, i knew it before – it happened in India and the inventor himself had put this condition before king when he was being rewarded! The king was not able to satisfy him!
    Maybe, there is Part II to the vdo!
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Shayaan Mustafa on October 12th, 2011 at 8:08 am

    Thanks for sharing this video. Now I have cleared the concept of exponential growth and importance of “e” i.e. antilog.
    Thanks a lot.

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