10 FUN ways to Boost Your Memory

No matter your age, improving your memory and giving your brain a regular workout is an important part of maintaining your mental health and fitness over the long haul. Here are a few ways that you can work your memory while having a little fun at the same time.

1. Meditate. Stress isn’t good for any part of the body, especially the mind. Doing things to reduce stress, like meditation can help improve your memories as well as strengthen certain types of waves in the brain that can make you happier and healthier.

2. Play mind games. Whether you take mental “photographs” of your surroundings or try to do complex math in your head, keeping yourself entertained with these mental challenges can be a good way to pass time and ensure your brain stays nimble.

3. Sleep in. Getting enough rest plays a big role in your ability to remember and recall events, whether just in your everyday life or for more academic purposes. A good night’s sleep can be important and short naps can give you memory boosts throughout the day.

4. Challenge yourself. There’s nothing worse for brain health than being bored. That isn’t to say that some familiarity isn’t good, but your brain should be challenged as well. Try wracking your memory for things you may have forgotten or just work on learning something new and exciting.

5. Indulge in some chocolate. Researchers found a substance in chocolate called epicatechin that can have a big effect on memory, perhaps by boosting blood vessel growth. Have a little chocolate now and again for a treat and a memory enhancing boost.

6. Have a cup of coffee or tea. Properties in all of these substances can help you improve your memory. In tea, substances work to protect your memories while with coffee the caffeine can make your brain more agile and alert and better able to form new memories and absorb information.

7. Scan the room. Researchers have found that people are better able to remember something if they do so while moving their eyes from one side to the other slowly. They believe it helps to unite the two hemispheres of the brain, giving you double the brainpower to help you remember.

8. Change it up. When you get into routines, even in the way your home is decorated, your brain and memory can go into autopilot. Give it a challenge by changing around your home, taking a new route home or keeping yourself involved in a variety of novel activities.

9. Play a video game. There are loads of games out there that are designed just to improve your brain power, and many that are simply meant to be fun but that have the consequence of helping improve memory and cognition as well. No matter what age you’re at you can enjoy playing one of these games.

10. Browse the web. Some promising new research suggests that browsing the web can have the same benefits for adults as playing brain boosting games, letting you read about the latest news, do some shopping and keep in touch with friends all with the added benefit of helping your brain stay in shape.

This post was contributed by Amber Hensley, who writes about the online universities. She welcomes your feedback at AmberHensley1980@ yahoo.com

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7 Responses to “10 FUN ways to Boost Your Memory”

  1. An insightfull post. Will definitely help.

    Karim – Positive thinking

  2. Also, don't forget to get the proper nutrition:

    Vitamin C is an antioxidant and it prevents damage leading to different types of diseases.

    Vitamin B can improve our thinking ability.

    Vitamin E can help preserve brain function and protect nerve-cell degeneration. It is also one of the important antioxidants that our brain needs.

    Carbohydrates are good for the brain, because they contain Glucose which are known as the brain fuel. It gives off energy for us to concentrate, remember, learn, and other activities.

    Then there's your protein. Amino acids are obtained from protein. Neurotransmitters need those amino acids to relay or become a messenger from one nerve cell to another. A high protein meal can make us feel energized because it increases the tyrosine levels of our brain and blood. Tyrosine and tryptophan are some of the different types of amino acids. And because tyrosine can make us become more energized, our brain can concentrate more.

  3. valuable post.


  4. very interesting .

  5. Thank you so much . I really need this info !

  6. I want to make a dessert for my friend, but I'm not sure what to make. I would like to make a dessert that has fruit in it and since my friend does a lot of plays, she has to remember her lines. So, I wanted to know what fruits help your memory, boost your energy, or make your skin clearer???? Please and thankee.

  7. I think I should say that meditating is not funny for me, but thanks anyway for a great article…

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