How to Memorize Morse Code

Below is a list of the Morse Code symbols and words associated with it. The “Code” list is what gives you the Symbols.

If the symbol is a “.” then it represents letters A-M. If it is a “-” then it is N-Z

So, this is how it works:

Take A. The Word is Alpha. You may hear these symbols being used in Police programs where they are giving the registration of a car to the controller.

So A represents ALPHA. What you need to do now is take your first impression of the word ALPHA and what it brings to mind. In my case it reminds me of “Alf” the comedy that was on the television about an alien called Alf.

So I can now picture Alf so as when I hear ALPHA it will immediately remind me of Alf. Next we need to concentrate on the “Code”. As you can see, ALPHA code is IT. IT reminds me of this horror film by Stephen King called IT which featured a killer clown. So now I use this image of the clown with Alf.

I imagine the clown hiding behind the couch that Alf is sitting on, the clown wielding a butcher’s knife!

Take a look at the Morse Code Table


Lets take a look at G, which has the call sign GOLF. When I immediately hear the word Golf, I think of a round of Golf. I imagine myself about to tee off at the first hole. Then, all of a sudden a whistle blows. Another person runs onto the green and takes my club away. It turns out I have been substituted. The SUB has taken my place!


Remember, S falls between N-Z so it is a – symbol., so too is U. B falls between A-M so it is a . symbol, thus making the Morse Code –.

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