Lumosity | Brain Training Results

Hi all,

I wanted to put up some snap shots of how I have been getting on with the Lumosity 14 day trial.

Here’s my top score on Speed Match:

Speed match Results

ok so I got 100%, but my reaction time is quite slow compared to some of the results you guys have been telling me.

Share your results here .

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2 Responses to “Lumosity | Brain Training Results”

  1. you have been asking me how did i get with the test ,actually i haven’t tried it yet for the simple reason that i could not get it because i don’t have a card, iwould appreciate it if you can give me access to it.thank you very much for all the help you are giving

  2. I got 6450 points :)

    It is probably because I play table tennis every day and my reaction is great :)

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