Memorizing random letters and numbers

Pre-requisites: Morse Code and Dominic System

I have been asked many times on how to memorise letters and numbers when they are all in the same group, for example a number plate.

e.g… SG04 LUV or 3456L2X

This is quite achievable and only requires you to know the Morse Code and the Dominic System.

So let’s take the example SG04 LGG

S = Sierra = Cab from our image from the Morse code tutorial
G = Golf = Sub
04 = Otto Dix from our list of 100 people
L = Lima = Come
U = Uniform = Kit
V = Victor = Won

So from above you can create a scene to play back in your mind.
You might imagine a CAB pulling up (at the location where you need to memorise the number plate), and a football SUBstitute getting out. He is holding a painting (Otto Dix’s action) and he is telling you to COME here and take it off him. You take the painting and hand him a new football KIT and ask him if he WON his match or not.

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  1. Will try this out looks a bit complicated

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