Using the Peg System

Memorize with the peg system.

Here is a good way to remember 10 things.
The peg words that you ‘hang’ the things to remember on rime on the numbers.

1= bun (eating a burger with x between the buns)
2= glue (x is stuck in glue)
3= key (you open a door with key, and out falls a lot of x’s)
4= store (you enter a store, and on all the shelves are x in different sizes and colors)
5= drive (you are out driving and suddenly crash into an oversized x)
6= mix (you are mixing a new pie or something, and the ingredient is a lot of x’s)
7= heaven (as you stand on the escalator to heaven, you se a lot of x’s OR you fly a jet plane and bump into x’s floating in the sky)
8= ape (you are in the zoo, and as you come to the ape you are amazed to se it playing around with a x)
9= dine (you are in a restaurant, the waiter comes with a plate with your food, to your amazement it’s a x)
10= pen (you look around for a pen and find one shaped like x)

If one of the things you have to remember is to pay you electric bill you and it’s the 4th thing you could imagine that when you enter the store the are statuettes of Bill Clinton holding a giant battery in his hand on all the shelves.

The example written after the peg word is an example, if you find a better way to imagine it, use it instead! It will be easier for you to remember.

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