Memorizing a Deck Of Cards

Being able to memorize a deck of cards can have major advantages on the black jack table.

You will see how the journey method comes into practice here too, as well as the 100 people you learnt previous to this section, (the Dominic System).
So, first things first. You need to be very familiar with your 100 people, you are going to use 40 of them. Be familiar with their actions too, they are very important.

The other 12 cards are the Jack, Queen and King.

The ace is real simple to learn, take the Ace of Hearts.
Well, first take the A in Ace then the H in Hearts.

AH is the number 18 from your list of people, in my case that person would be Adolph Hitler.

“Being able to Memorize a deck of cards can have great implications for you at the black jack table, as well as the online black jack tables too!”

Being able to recall in order several decks of cards can give you an unfair advantage in Blackjack. The way the unfair Black Jack advantage is in your favour is all to do with the number of “high” cards left in the deck compared to low cards and also taking into account the number of decks being used in the shoe.

Whilst the cards are dealt the card counter keeps a running total in his mind, based on what cards he has been given and what the dealer plays with. A simple calculation is made and the player decides from the result what the best course of action is to take.
You will do the same for each of the suit cards. You can of course take a look at the list I use to help you along.

Lest take a card. The 6 Clubs. That would be SC – Sean Connery (aka James Bond).
7 Spades – Grandpa Simpson!
Ok, I think you get the picture. Remember, the court cards are important too so make sure you have a person and an action for that card.
To remember the cards:
Start at stage one of your journey. In my case it would be my bedroom.
I turn over the first card. It is the Jack of Clubs. That card is Jack the Ripper the infamous murderer from London.
So firstly I am imagining him in my room with blood on his clothes. His action is ripping clothes or flesh with his knife. But I am not going to use his action, I will be using the action of the next person. I turn over the card and it is the 4 of Spades, Delia Smith! Her action is cooking so I would imagine Jack the ripper standing over my bed frying up some sausages!
The good thing about doing just one person instead of two means you can incorporate another person into the same room with another action, thus letting you memorise four cards in just the one room!
I remember doing this my first time around, it took me about twenty minutes, with a lot of mistakes. Within a few days I was able to memorise the full deck within five minutes and no mistakes. Then I tried two decks of cards, using the exact same method except a different journey after the first 52 cards!

For a complete list of people I use for my cards, including Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces, take a look here

Want to see the current World UK champion recite a deck on cards in less than 30 seconds?
Watch the video here

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