Port Or Starboard – Which is Which?

Do you know which one means left and which means right?

Below are a collection of various ways to remember which is which.

Port and starboard are terms used on ships. Imagine a ship coming into a port. There are lights in the water, a red and a green one. The ship is to sail in between these two lights. So which one is on the left and which one on the right?

Here is a nice short sentence to help you remember:
No red port left

Ok, so you could imagine yourself in a restaurant of a ship and you ask the waiter for some red wine. He tells you that there is no red port left.

This means the red light is on the left, and so too is port side.

Therefore starboard is on the right! Very Happy

Do you remember the green gras of home.
So you should Very Happy when you are on the water and want to return to port or home
because gras means “green at starboard”
if you keep those lights on starboard you will reach the port

this trick doesn’t work in all countries some have a reversed system

How about this way:

PORT has the same number of letters in it as LEFT Confused

Port and Left have the same number of letters in them, 4. So when you aren’t sure which is which, just count the number of letters in the word Port! Very Happy

The word “posh” derives from port and starboard because in the early 20th C and 19th C, the richer people and those of a higher social sphere would wave as they left port on a ship and arrived home again. They would have to wave on a different side going in and out, on the port going out and starboard going home.

Port Out Starboard Home

A good way to remember it if you can link it to this easy to remember piece of knowledge. Also it could help if you have problems remembering to spell POSH!

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