Stalagmite or Stalagtite?

When I was in geography class my teacher taught me how to remember which one forms from the ceiling and from the floor.

Stalagmites and stalactites form from travertine; water that has a high calcium carbonate content and other minerals in it.

Stalactites form from the ceiling and hang down. To remember this, I think about the word stalactite and say to myself:
“stalactites hold on tight!”
This means they are holding onto the ceiling very hard so they don’t drop!

Stalagmites form on the ground up. To remember this stalagmites makes me say to myself:
“stalagmites might gain height!”

“When the MITES go up the TITES(Pronounced tights) come down”

One easy way of remembering which is which is by noting that the word stalaGmites has the letter G in it and stands for ground while the word stalaCtites has the letter C in it and stands for ceiling. Thus, stalaGmites are formed from the GROUND while stalaCtites are formed from the CEILING. Hope this is helpful. Very Happy

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11 Responses to “Stalagmite or Stalagtite?”

  1. We learned it as

    sin = opp/hyp
    cos = adj/hyp
    tan = opp/hyp

    Reminds me of a Native American name kind of… Chief Sohcahtoa.

  2. how about this, instead of overly complicating everything; stalagtites have TITs in them, and tits hang down. voila, all your work obliterated. tssss. always keep it simple.

  3. Very clever, thanks Wim.

    I certainly wont forget that way!

  4. I live in the Netherlands, and here they’re called:
    Stalactieten (stalactites)
    Stalacmieten (stalacmites)

    I used to remember which was which like this:
    (stalac) ‘tieten’
    ‘tieten’ is Dutch for boobs, boobs might hang down.
    Conclusion: Stalactieten (stalactites) are hanging down.

    Bye ^^

  5. another great way to remember these, thanks Naadya

  6. a simplier method is to sort them alphabeticaly
    you’ll get stalactites are up and talagmites are down

  7. stalagTites are from Top. The reverse is Stalagmites (are from ground).

  8. I was told tights (as in womens tights come down)you only need to remember that

  9. > Stalagmite or Stalagtite

    Why not also learn how to actually spell them correct???

    ("C", not "G".)

  10. instead of overly complicating everything; stalagtites have TITs in them, and tits hang down…

  11. Great tips, thanks!
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