Stalagtites or Stalagmites Part 2

Some more techniques for remembering stalagtites and stalagmites.

Women’s tights (tites) come down, so we know that stalagtites hang down! We don’t need to remember stalagmites.

When hearing stalagmites, you might think of those little insects, “mites” and they crawl around on the ground. On the ground so they grow up.

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3 Responses to “Stalagtites or Stalagmites Part 2”

  1. Kevin,
    It’s stalactites and stalagmites.
    One way to differentiate between them is, the “c” in stalactites is for “ceiling” (that is, hanging from the top), and the “g” in stalagmite is for “ground” (that is, sprouting from the ground).

    This is the method taught to me by my primary school teacher many, many years ago.

    Kind regards and keep up your good work in propagating Vedic Maths.
    I have also put together some tools and techniques for teaching Vedic Maths but currently involved in some programming work in a related Vedic science, Panchanga computations.

  2. I’ve recently been researching this for a school assignment and have to suggest this is one of the greater weblog discussions I have come across – so thanks a lot for posting.

  3. I was taught that stalactites (with a 'C') hold "tight" to the Ceiling; and stalagmites push up with all their might from the Ground.

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