The Knight’s Tour – Amazing Mental Feats

The Knight’s tour is a great feat of mathematics that allow you to move the Knight around a chess board landing on all squares only once.
To see just how difficult it is, get out your chess board and try moving the Knight around the chess board in its L shaped motion. Imagine now that you were told to start on a particular square and do the tour from there. Or, you were told to finish on a particular square. The task will prove even more complicated!

There is a way to do the Knight’s tour starting on a given square or ending on a said square.
You will nee to have completed the Dominic System here
and you will be using numbers 1 though to 64 as there are 64 squares on a chess board.
The numbers you will need to memorize and the order they are in is below:


01, 11, 05, 20, 37, 27, 44, 29, 35, 50, 33, 43, 58, 41, 26, 09, 03, 13, 23, 08,
14, 04, 10, 25, 19, 02, 17, 34, 49, 59, 53, 47, 64, 54, 60, 45, 28, 38, 21, 36,
30, 15, 32, 22, 07, 24, 39, 56, 62, 52, 42, 57, 51, 61, 55, 40, 46, 63, 48, 31,
16, 06, 12, 18
In a situation like this it is possible to place four people from the Dominic System at each location. So in my first room, I have 01, 11, 05, and 20. But I don’t have four people in that room. I have two people. What I have is the first person, ie 01 (Ozzie Ardillez) doing the action of 11 Arthur Askey. So I use the image of a Bee for Arthur Askey so instead of Ozzie Ardillez kicking a football I imagine him doing kick ups with bees! You could imagine something different for example Ozzie could be running around waving his arms frantically in the air trying to get the bees away from him! Remember, whatever image comes to mind, use it. That is the image that will first come to you. Trust your imagination.

If you look at the bottom left corner (the black square), in chess, this is called A1. But we are going to call it 1. The bottom right square (white), is number eight.

I hope the picture is clear enough for you! Just start in the bottom left and you will be able to figure out which square is numbered with what.
So if you look at the list again, you can see, for example, 01, 11, 05, and 20 this is the route you take on the board. So 01 will be Ozzie Ardilez, square one, next route on the Knight’s tour, is 11, Arthur Askey. So if someone was to say to you to start from square E6, that would be square number 45. That would be Duke Ellington or whoever you have for number 45. You now know the next square will be 28, Benny Hill!

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