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How To Develop Self Confidence

The role of confidence in a person’s success is essential. Success is hard to achieve if you do not have confidence in yourself. It is understandable that not everyone easily have self-confidence but the good thing about it is that it can be improved. Self-confidence can be achieved one step at a time. The great speakers who delivered the greatest speeches also took some time in order to accomplish their tasks. The feeling of fear and the possibility of failure are detractors to anyone’s self-confidence. You are the only one who could change this.

Below are tips to develop your own self-confidence:

1) Look at Yourself and Change Your Perception. It is best to start with how you see yourself. When you learn to accept yourself, you will easily learn that others will also accept you. Never down yourself and feel less important because if you do, others will perceive you as this as well. If you think you need a makeover to feel better then do it. It is very important that you accept yourself for who you really are. If you decide to have a makeover, then go shop for new clothes, get a new haircut. Whatever you look in the end, the important part is that you finally accept yourself and increase your confidence.

2) Observe Other People. You can see thru others how they utilize their confidence. Observe the successful people or the most outgoing ones, they have definitely mastered being self-confident. Once you have observed carefully, you can eventually incorporate it within you. Choose vital points that are positive that you want to emulate, then incorporate.

3) Confront Your Fear/s. Having low self-confidence typically coincides with having a fear of something which holds you back. If your fear is talking to a huge crowd of people, then you should work on it. You can practice by talking to a group of friends, then choose a larger group as your confidence starts to build up.

4) Strengths & Weaknesses. At this point, you already have analyzed yourself, others, and your fears. It is now time to know your strengths and weaknesses. Even though you are on the stage of rebuilding your self-confidence, never forget that you also have a positive side. You also have good features that you can enhance once you have acquired better self-confidence. The weaknesses that you would realize should be well-focused on. You can work on them one by one. As soon as you eliminate each weakness, you can eventually find yourself with more strengths.

5) Compliment Others. Always remember that it feels good to receive good words from other people, so give good words to others as well. The more you compliment other people, the more other people can return the favor. A compliment from another person definitely provides a huge boost with regards to one’s self-confidence.

Self-confidence seems hard to gain especially if you have been a shy person ever since you were a kid. But it’s never too late to change. Find the confidence in yourself and enhance it. Always remember that in the end, you will always control the outcome of your life. So go and build your confidence up, believe in yourself.

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Albert Einstein’s Genius Routine

The genius of Albert Einstein has been attributed to intelligence increasing techniques he famously used. These were developed over 15-20 years in his life, so his progress was both slow and tedious. The basic things he did to increase his intelligence are detailed below

1. He would engage all his senses when it came to thinking.

In other words, he would think about the taste, smell, touch, sight and sound implications of what he was thinking. Obviously, this is extremely difficult to do in real life, because we don’t tend to think about problems in this way. However, the secret here is that over time, the different areas of the brain associated with the different senses would automatically become engaged without thinking about them to provide more brainpower. So where normally we would use 1-2 brain areas to think about something (e.g visual and logical), Einstein was using 7-8 areas (the senses which are automatically engaged, logical, creativity areas etc), therefore meaning he was literally using more of his brain to solve problems.

2. He made consistent use of visualisation in his thought experiments.

He would see the images in his mind and play about with them with the senses as above. The secret here is that when you see an image in a deep mental state, the subconscious and unconscious minds can take the image as being its own creation, and therefore use their own resources to determine a solution and develop the image. In other words, Einstein developed a strong connection to the subconscious and unconscious minds and used their great mental capacity to solve his problems.

3. He used to sleep a lot.

This is not just any sleep, but targeted sleep with specific goals in mind. Einstein used to sleep for 10-11 hours every night and when you sleep, you are in a subconscious and unconscious state of mind. The greater the depth of sleep, the more connected on awakening you become to parts of the subconscious and unconscious minds. For Einstein, this meant that his creativity, intuition and level of insight was completely abnormal and astronomical. His conscious mind was also made extremely sharp from the level of sleep. Therefore, he was able to have an extremely focused, and sharp mind alongside his strong subconscious connection, allowing him to solve difficult problems with ease.

What To Expect

Einstein’s strategy is simple to read on paper, yet extremely complicated to understand properly why it works. If you use Einstein’s strategy, it will be 5-10 years before you see any intelligence increase. It is therefore ineffective for the 21st century and the type of quick and fast gains you should be looking to accomplish. This is why I recommend using the modified Einstein’s version and combine it with research, so that you can increase your IQ dramatically within a 3-4 week period. The strategy is simple and much better than Einstein’s tedious and slow techniques.
Utilising a strategy similar to Einsten’s, you too can become a genius! Check out the link below to see how.

Start Becoming a Genius Today!

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How to Boost Concentration

Nowadays, our technology driven world has made us busy almost each and every day. With this effect, we tend to lose our focus during some instances. There are so many external distractions that affect us like TV, computer games, etc. But do not be surprised to find out that the internal distractions also provide a huge impact with regards to our concentration. Stress, anger, depression or exhaustion, all of them can have a critical impact on your concentration.

If you think you need to boost your concentration and lose the mentioned distractions, you can follow the simple tips below so that you won’t have to struggle concentrating or simply forgetting vital appointments or important dates. The tips below shall provide you become focused and sharp:

1. Sleep Properly. When you are deprived of sleep, you fail to get enough to rest your mind and body. Keep in mind that when you become tired, oxygen is also deprived, thus affecting your need to produce brain chemicals which assists you in focusing. One night of being awake can lead to being forgetful or having a hard time to concentrate on a specific time. When you have a good night’s sleep, your brain takes a lot of time to rest. This can largely help you in concentrating the next day. Along with this, you should avoid using the PC or watch TV one hour before going to bed so that your mind and body can wind down in a progressive and relaxed way. An alternative to this is to read a magazine or a book instead. Take note of your relaxing space as well because this also contributes to your sleep. It is advisable to take a warm shower to help you relax before you lie in bed. Lastly, make sure that the temperature of your room is cool and that air circulates well so that you will be comfortable while resting.

2. Avoid Tension. When you become angry or stressed, there is a rush of chemicals to your brain like cortisol and norepinephrine which leads to hyperfocus. When you keep your mind thinking about stressful things or things that easily angers you, concentration will definitely be absent. The answer to this is to simply do something positive to counter the negative factors that cause your stress and anger.

3. Take A Break. Every once in a while, when at work or at school, utilize a break to get yourself together. This can greatly help in maintaining your focus or simply concentrate on a task at hand. This does not mean long breaks, but short breaks can already be helpful enough to renew your focus and concentration.

4. Appropriate Environment. When you work in an environment that helps you with concentrating, the problem of distractions can be easily deleted. You can boost your concentration if your atmosphere permits you to work in a more focused manner. Take extra effort to improve your surroundings and do what you can to make a conducive place for concentrating.

Boost your concentration by simply following the mentioned steps above. You have the choice to work on your concentration. Ease your mind and analyze the task at hand. Focus and concentrate by thinking straight, taking enough rest and improving your environment.

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The Major System

The Major System or the famously known as the Phonetic Mnemonic System is one of the most successful systems available today. It’s complexity depends on the person trying to master it. But do not be fooled because it would definitely take time to be mastered. Once it has been mastered, it would be a very potent tool. When this technique is mastered, it is usually utilized as a basis for some memory feats that seem to be magical in nature. Memory performers and stage magicians utilize this system to wow their crowds.
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Funny Maths Video

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French ER Past Tense

Here are the correct Past tenses for the ER verb manger, and the English translation

Je mangeai – I ate

Tu mangeas – You ate (singular)

Il mangea – He ate

Nous mangeâmes – We ate

Vous mangeâtes – You ate (plural)

Ils mangèrent – They ate

[private]Notice how the ending of the verb and the word before it is in BOLD. This is to help

you see the differences.

So how do we go about memorising these endings?

What do I mean by endings? The eai, eas, ea, eâmes, eâtes and èrent that are

attached to the end of “mang” of manger.

Ever hear of the number rhyme system?

1 nun – Je

2 shoe – Tu

3 tree – Il

4 door – Nous

5 hive – Vous

6 sticks – Ils

We are going to use this system to help us memorise the endings of the present tense


Did you notice above that those French words had Je, Tu, il, Nous, Vous and ils at the

start of them? These words and those endings need to be correctly matched up in

order for the correct French tense to be got.

Just like before when you memorised ER present tense verbs we need a location to

start off our memory route. As we are working in the past I feel it fitting to use a

museum or an old building.

Let’s begin our memory route.

Stage one.

I’m standing at the entrance to the museum in my local town. I notice a nun is

standing there at the main gates. Remember as it is a nun (rhyme’s with one) I know

it’s the Je prefix.

The nun is singing a tune, very very loudly. So loudly in fact it hurts my ears! But

what is she singing? She’s singing “E I, E I, O” just like the “Old McDonald” had a

farm tune.

She’s also ringing a bell in time with her singing. The bell helps give the mental scene

in my mind some action, as well as being clearly able to hear the bell to help secure

the scene in my memory.

Stage two.

After going through the main gates I enter the lobby area of the museum. I make my

way towards the ticket desk where I am greeted by a giant shoe behind the counter! I

am totally amazed at the sight of this, and notice the laces on the shoe are acting as

arms. I hand the giant shoe $10 for admission and he hands me a plate of CHEESE

and said “only eat a small amount of EAS as you might get ill”.

Stage three.

I leave the lobby area and begin my tour around the museum. The start of the museum

tour begins downstairs on the level below so I make my way over to the elevator. The

elevator door opens and a big oak tree dressed in waiter’s uniform stands there and

asks to see my cheese ticket. I show it and just then an EEL (il) appears from one of

the branches and takes a bite out of m cheese. I shout at the eel “EAh, that’s not on!

That Eel is stealing my cheese, EAh!

Stage four.

On exiting the elevator I am told by the tree to walk to the end of a long corridor to

begin my tour. I walk to the end of it and notice a large oak door, closed over. I notice

the handle on the door and go to grab it. But the handle is shaped like a noose. Very

unusual I think to myself. I try it anyway and knock on the door with the noose door

knocker. A short moment later the door opens and an old man says to me “You may

come in, but you must not make A MESS (eâmes). I promise him I won’t and enter.

Stage five.

After entering the big oak door I walk over to a glass display and notice a big bee hive

in it. There looks like fresh honey dripping from it too! I notice in the corner of my

eye a yellow bear’s paw reaching over and dipping its paw into the honey. It’s

Whinnie the Pooh and he’s eating the honey – eâtes.

Stage six.

I leave the beehive and Pooh bear and head towards the exit. But the door is made up

of lots and lots of sticks, some lying broken on the floor beside the door. I try to open

the door made of sticks but it’s very weak and flimsy. Next minute two eels wrap

around my arm and hand that’s on the door handle, and I say to them “Eels, èrent you

meant to be up a tree branch in the elevator?”[/private]

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Chewing Gum

Did you know that there is good documented evidence to suggest that chewing gum can help increase memory and attention?

According to studies taken the act of chewing increases blood flow to the brain, helping increase concentration!

“Consumers have used chewing gum to improve alertness, focus and concentration for decades.

Because gum has been recognized for its benefits in helping with alertness at the same time it eases tension, the U.S. Armed Forces have supplied chewing gum to their members ever since World War I.” Source

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Rounding Numbers

In the world of rapid mathematics it can be quite useful to round numbers up when doing calculations.

For example many people would use ? (Pi) rounded to 3, or 3.14 which is all well and good for theoretical purposes, but let’s try it out when calculating the circumference of Mars when a space ship is going to land on it.

Google search tells me the radius of Mars is 3397 kilometres, or 3,397,000 metres.

To calculate the circumference of Mars, we use the formula

C = 2 X ? X R

Where C is the circumference

R is the radius.

Let’s use these values of Pi as our radius:

  1. 3
  2. 3.1
  3. 3.14
  4. 3.142
  5. 3.141592653


  1. C = 2 X 3 X 3397000                          20382000 metres
  2. C = 2 X 3.1 X 3397000                       21061400 metres
  3. C = 2 X 3.14 X 3397000                     21333160 metres
  4. C = 2 X 3.142 X 3397000                   21346748 metres
  5. C = 2 X 3.141592653 X 3397000       21343980.484482 metres

Now, imagine if you were on a space mission and you were plotting where to the land the space craft, but accidentally the value of 3 was used for Pi rather than the more accurate one!

If we take the most accurate one and subtract the least accurate result from it, we get


That equates to over 961 KILOMETRES off target!

Sometimes rounding mightn’t always be the best option!


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