The Ten Characteristics Of The Genius Mindset part 2

Continued from part 1

6. You must realise that a mentally quiet mind is crucial for success.

The argumentative, criticising, opinionated, egotistical and sceptical mind is the mindset of failure. It is better to learn from every situation by keeping a quiet mind which is free of all bias. This is because by criticising, you will also criticise the correct thoughts which have come from the subconscious.  You will therefore live a life which is devoid of the power of your own subconscious mind. In this case, your actions, behaviors, attitudes and thoughts will all be weaker and lead you to weakness.

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7. You must realise that you must do one thing at a time only.

When you do two things at the same time, your progress is paradoxically slow. The physical and mental attention is divided, and therefore your overall power in each task is actually quartered. So for the two goals, you are investing half your energy, and the rest of the energy is a dead-weight loss which leads to negative returns. This is the case by law.

8. You must realise the value of planting seeds, rather than doing the whole work yourself.

You do not have to do the whole work. You need to do things in the correct way. So as long as you start off with the correct foundation, you have a solid basis by which you can make progress towards your goals. The rest will take on a life of its own and show you the correct way.

9. You must realise that your own beliefs can bound your life in chains or free you.

Beliefs are a filter by which reality is physically created. Changing your beliefs will therefore have physical effects on the world around you. It is therefore important that you have the correct beliefs in place as a foundation, so that the correct behaviors and actions towards your goal are always being created. We should not judge a situation by its results. We should judge it by our own beliefs, and how perfected they are to allow our goal to come true.

10. You must realise the importance of living in the moment.

This means you should never think about the future or the past. You should only ever be in the moment of the now, and stay there. This allows the mind to be focused on where you are, so that all the creative energy leads to the material manifestation of your goal.

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9 Responses to “The Ten Characteristics Of The Genius Mindset part 2”

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  2. really interesting article looking forward to your next article

  3. Thanks Aditya. I'm glad you liked it.

  4. dear kevin,
    dis post is jus so excellent. it really wiped off some of my misconceptions regarding life and its goals. its a healthy dose of self confidence blended with the exuberance of working hard to become a genius. thanks for guiding me.
    wishes n cheers!!

  5. This IS an interesting read. Great job!

  6. Living in the moment seems like a great goal, but practically speaking its very hard to do. I think its because our minds don't work that way normally. Thats my opinion.

  7. its a healthy dose of self confidence blended with the exuberance of working hard to become a genius.

  8. Great !! Thank you

  9. Well, in this article 3 of these applyes for me and in the previous article 2 of these applied for me. So, I probably have a 50% chance of becoming a genius, lol

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