Six Speed Reading Techniques to Boost Your Memory

Being able to read in a fast pace requires techniques that range from photographic memory to simple comprehension. It is important to take note that if your level of comprehension is high, you have a faster chance to accomplish reading something. This is due to the fact that when we understand the concept of how something works, our memory makes it easier for us to analyze.

Your memory plays a huge part in speed reading. There are different methods to enhance memorization while speed reading. It takes practice, but visualization also plays a vital role in the process of your speed reading. You might ask why visualization is key, but the simple answer is that the brain actually works thru pictures instead of words. The method of visualization is one excellent technique when it comes to memorization. Take note that we get to remember things much easier if we have actually seen it happen. While reading, try creating effective mental images that correlate with the writing. This technique helps in enhancing long term memory which enables you to recall images and helps you remember information at the same time.

Here are vital tips to increase your reading speed:

1) Early Reading. You can actually increase your reading speed and focus more on the material if you read during the early periods of the day.

2) Priority Reading. You can organize the materials that you have to read and arrange them according to their importance and priority. You can improve your reading speed by prioritizing the important materials first. Your mind shall be clear and sharp once you have become focused on the reading tasks at hand.

3) Browse the Reading Materials and Search for the Main Ideas. Look through the Table of Contents and simply focus on the initial and final sentences of every paragraph. You can definitely improve your reading skills if you simply understand the structure of a book and how it shall take a reader through it. This shall enable you to analyze the most important parts of the book and which are the least likely to have vital content.

4) Create Questions then Seek Answers. Transform the headings and chapter titles into questions on your mind. This will assist you in becoming a more curious reader. These questions will then finally be answered by the text that you will scan through as you go by. By doing this, you shall become more focused on reading the material.

5) Choose a Conducive Place for Reading. Read in a place where you can properly focus. Use a book stand if you can and angle your reading material by 45 degrees to help reduce eye strain. Try sitting instead of lying in bed. The more you are alert, the more you can focus on what you are reading and read faster.

6) Preview the Material Before You Read it. This shall help you focus on the important sections and analyze what pages you should allot more time with.

Always keep in mind that practice makes perfect. You might not seem to read faster as you start, but as you keep in practicing, you can eventually see your improvement. Begin with short reading materials such as magazine or newspaper articles. Then as you enhance your speed reading, try reading materials with high volumes of content.

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    6. An accurate and retentive memory is the basis of all business success.
      Learning enhances knowledge.

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    20. I've been trying to teach myself to speed read, and while I can seem to get most of the information I need from reports and documents, I find it difficult with novels and fiction, as there always seems to be something important that you skim over. I'll keep practicing and hopefully get the hang of it, but I'm also a big fan of audiobooks as an alternative. :-)

    21. However, I enjoyed the 6 day speed reading tips which detail very well,the fine tips on Rapid Reading…

    22. Speed reading along with grasping the contents is something I will be needing very soon. looking forward for more such articles…

    23. Looks like an interesting read! This is something a little different to read about, and I will definately try to use this information and apply it to my daily life. The brain is like an iron, the more you rub it the more shining it will become. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to express my views. Speed reading along with grasping the contents is something i'll be needing very soon.

    24. I've found that if I read an article or pdf 2 or 3 times I increase my retention greatly, regardless if I speed read it or not.

    25. I need from reports and documents, I find it difficult with novels and fiction, as there always seems to be something important that you skim over.

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    27. in my opinion Choose a Conducive Place for the most essential Techniques to Boost Your Memory

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    29. Useful. Need more material on how to improve concentration because many time when i stars virtualise what im reading i lost my concentration.

    30. An accurate and retentive memory is the basis of all business success.
      Learning enhances knowledge.

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    36. This is really useful to start thinking differently on how to read smartly.

    37. Here is another tip on speed reading:

      First of all take a look at the table of contents and then mark chapters that you are interested in.

      Then, just skip everytihng else and read only these – you will save a lot of time.

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