Funny Maths Video

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9 Responses to “Funny Maths Video”

  1. Hi Kevin

    Thanks for your ebook. If only i had this book during my school day, I am sure that the my school results would be different. I will use what I know now to help my children and other children to achieve the result I didn't get at school.
    Thnaks again
    Tim Yuen
    Ps I will maintain contact .

  2. Hello Kevin Sir,

    Ur blog is very nice is very useful to every one,
    Thank U Sir

  3. Hi I need a funny video about matrices for a presentation in math class today. needs to be 45 seconds or shorter.

  4. i like comedy that is why i always look for funny videos on metacafe and youtube-’;

  5. there are so many funny videos on the internet to watch, i can laugh all day watching funny videos :~;

  6. kevin..i m really impressed by your stuff…
    waiting for your next stuff

  7. I mean the main reason why we play games is to relax our mind & soul… not to think outside the square!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. As I know, this site has top listing of such college courses online –

  9. Hey, how he did that? I cannot figure out it…???

    It is a mystery magic :D

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