6 Squared Trick

I’ve just created another maths video – this video
demonstrates how to calculate numbers ending in six
squared, like:

76 X 76

It’ll probably take you ten minutes to learn and it’s fun
and really useful too.


http://www.vedic-maths-ebook.com/6 squared/

If it doesn’t play for you, then I have also made a powerpoint presentation:
http://www.vedic-maths-ebook.com/6%20squared/6_squared.mht (best viewed in Internet Explorer)

Share your comments below.


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19 Responses to “6 Squared Trick”

  1. Hi Kevin,

    This is great, the viedo did not work, but I manually moved it. The 6 sq. trick is another easy way to get my Son interested in maths. I can also use this trick for my students as Tutor. Some students will be appearign the Maths scholarships soon. It has 50 questions to be answered in 75 minutes. Your tricks will surely help. I am sure my studenst are gonna liek the tricky methods too. keep it coming. – John

  2. Hi Kevin
    Thank you for 6 squared video trick. Very useful.

  3. Vyomesh Upadhyaya on February 2nd, 2009 at 4:22 am

    Hi Kevin,
    I have gone through the tricks you have shown inspired me to find out some more tricks to find squares of any two digits. If you would like to know about this i can e-mail you. So reply.

  4. Hey Kevin,

    Thanks a lot… i seriously find this very useful and inspiring..
    I would also appreciate if you could tell me how to find the squares of three-digit numbers.. It will b really helpful… Thanks once again…

  5. I’ts really easy trick …
    i really appreciate ur trick plz tell some more tricks

  6. Hi Kevin,
    It was very interesting to know that 6 ending digit can also be squared up so easily as digit 5.

    Keep it up, with many thanks.

  7. Dear Kevin
    Ur method of squaring numbers ending in 6 was very nice and easy.


  9. sir , ur square technique is very nice . will u send me how to calculate decimal multiplications easily.

  10. it is awesome i like it and can u send me how 2 ,multiply using hands in other method if u have thanzzzzzzzzz

  11. hi

  12. who r u

  13. Hi kevin thank you for 6 squared video trick.it's very useful and nice method.

  14. That's cool Kevin, Ilke it
    Tim Yuen

  15. Hi Kevin,

    I like the way you present the things. But, I want to make a point that it should be more frequent…I want to learn as many things as I can and that too ASAP…..
    I like your thoughtprocess on same!!!

    Hope you make it more frequent for all your appraisers!!!


  16. thanks Kevin 4 sharing this valuable video with us.

  17. Hi, Kevin !
    Thanks for sharing the video of square of 76, though the video didn't work, but the presentation did. Could you give some tips on multiplication & division by 9.

    Keep up your great and self less work.


  18. Hi Kevin !
    Thanks for the video of square of number ending with 6 .
    I want to learn the universal technique to square anynumber .
    Please tell me that
    Thanks for video

  19. Tata Subrahmanyam on November 30th, -0001 at 12:00 am

    I am very happy to see the procedure for findinf squares of numbers ending with five units place. similiarly, there is another method when the sum of the digits in tens place is 10. if any body learns these vedic maths from the high school levesl, they can achieve good goal in their carrier and even astronomical problems could be done with arithmatic only. No trigonomety , no calsulus required. Onlt with the help of arithmatic operations, higher problems could be faced. Yourattempt is appreciable and welcome for propagating vedic maths among the students. I am highly thankful for your risk in this vedic maths field.
    Yours faithfully,
    Tata. Subrahmanyam

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