Addition Shortcut Video

Looking out for shorcuts in addition will certainly help you speed up the time spent adding.

[private]Take a look at the video here[/private]

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19 Responses to “Addition Shortcut Video”

  1. Please forward the shortcut.

  2. To see this video, click the link below:

  3. sorry, i forgot to leave a comment

    nice video .. good tips .. sadly people don’t appreciate good things

    deeply appreciate your good work my friend


  4. mmmm… its really nice to watch. i hope lets try with other numbers too which are not equidistant from multiples of 10.
    for example:-

    +2 +6
    30+40=70, +2+6=8.

    +4 -3
    30+50=80, +4-3=+1.

  5. Good and useful tips for children. One candle can light thousands of candles. These types of method of calculations may be appreciated.

  6. Nice tricks for children.1 month ago i had no idea about vedic math but now…Thanks a lot for making all these easy methods available throug internet.

  7. really a nice 1….cheers 2 u….

  8. very interesting. similarly for multiplication involving factors of 100 the following short cut may be used

    Example: 125×124

    100×124 = 12400


    [by writing 25 as 100/4] = 3100

    result 15500

  9. It is very useful for a teacher like me.My students benefit a lot formyou.THANKYOU!verymuch

  10. Its really a nice trick to caluclate any digits…………..

  11. Nice vedio. Very much helpful. Expecting more.
    Thank you.

  12. thank u

  13. Sapna: simple and nice trick. Thanks

  14. Good tricks. Thank you.

  15. amazing man!!!
    your tricks really works impressively.
    I found these tricks very helpful in solving maths sums.

  16. waw!!!! its amazing. thaks for this tips. i like it. i wil use tips in my competitive exam.

  17. Rajey D. Kulkarni on November 30th, -0001 at 12:00 am

    its a very nice and very much useful technique in our every day life. It's simple and applicable

  18. its a very good tip. Thank you for sharing your wonderful effort.

  19. good one:)

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