How to Count Binary on Hands

Take a look at the picture below:

Picture of hand for binary

[private]Using your right hand you can count up to 31 using Binary.

Starting from the right and with the thumb, we assign the values like so:

Thumb = 1

Index finger = 2

Middle finger = 4

Ring finger = 8

Baby finger = 16

A fist = 0

To make 13 in binary, you would need to keep raised the fingers that all add up to 13.

in this case we would keep up the ring finger (8), the middle finger (4) and the thumb

(1) as they all add up to 13.

Try doing 30.

You would hold up all fingers except for your thumb!

It’s really simple and allows you to count up to 31 on one hand!

To make the binary numbers bigger, simply follow the pattern onto the next hand,

starting with the baby finger of your left hand:

Baby finger = 32

Ring finger = 64

Middle finger = 128

Index finger = 256

Thumb = 512

Incorporating both hands allows you to count to 1023!

What fingers would you hold up to get 444? ?

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8 Responses to “How to Count Binary on Hands”

  1. Nice idea. I will teach this to my boy

  2. hai,thanks for making easy in my binary knowledge.i will practice this more to be quick in binary numbers counting.

  3. very fine information. thanq very much.

  4. nice.Kevin.

  5. But you didn't explain how we convert that number to binary using this method. Yes, for number 13 we raise thumb, middle finger and ring finger. But which binary number do we get that way?

  6. thanx

  7. Very nice idea Kevin.
    This would be helpful for children's.
    Thank you.

  8. thanks for sending this, it is very useful for us in many ways

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