Multiplication using a grid

Hi all,

[private]I stumbled across a really neat video on youtube that breaks down multiplying large numbers into smaller chunks.

It’s not my video, someone elses so all credit due to the author.

Grab a piece of paper and give it a try, it really works.


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7 Responses to “Multiplication using a grid”

  1. It's so easy , I could do that !

    Thank you for sending this link to me. I've been having trouble with mathematics , but , now I can finally stop taking so long to multiply in two , three or four digit numbers.

    Peace , Subscribe back..

    From – Aubree D. Coleman

  2. it is very interested. thank a lot for the video. i need more videos like this.

  3. I can't see the video

  4. but how do we aline the products to add to get result, the pattern is is not very evident

  5. wow! vedic ganit is wanderfull.

  6. its great thanx

  7. awesome…….

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