Multiplying by 12 shortcut

So how does the 12′s shortcut work?

Let’s take a look.
12 X 7

the first thing is to always multiply the 1 of the twelve by the number we are multiplying
by, in this case 7. So 1 X 7 = 7.


Multiply this 7 by 10 giving 70. (Why? We are working with BASES here. Bases are the
fundamentals to easy calculations for all multiplication tables. To find out more check out
our Vedic Maths ebook at

Now multiply the 7 by the 2 of twelve giving 14. Add this to 70 giving 84.

Therefore 7 X 12 = 84

Let’s try another:

17 X 12

Remember, multiply the 17 by the 1 in 12 and multiply by 10

(Just add a zero to the end):

1 X 17 = 17, multiplied by 10 giving 170.

Multiply 17 by 2 giving 34.

Add 34 to 170 giving 204.

So 17 X 12 = 204

lets go one more

24 X 12

Multiply 24 X 1 = 24. Multiply by 10 giving 240.

Multiply 24 by 2 = 48. Add to 240 giving us 288

24 X 12 = 288 (these are Seriously Simple Sums to do aren’t they?!)


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5 Responses to “Multiplying by 12 shortcut”

  1. Hi think your Trick is cool But I got A better thing on multipling by 12
    Ex. 23×12 (nuber can be anything) All you have to do is Do 2×3=6 so you right side of your answer is 6 (_ _ 6)
    Next All you do is 2 from 23 x 2 from 12 plus 3 from 23.((2×2)+3=7)
    So, (_ 76) next all you do is Put the first digit as first part of your answer (276)
    If there are any cases when you do these steps that there are more than one digit add it as a carry to the next step.

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  3. Hello, the trick you have specified is very interesting and easy to work out. Thanks..

  4. Awesome man…..thankq for posting such a nice tricks..plz keep posting….

  5. Was doing research to have article I hav e to write down for a class this blog helped a lot thanks!

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