Lightning Fast Mental Maths

If you havent seen this ebook, you got to check it out now;

This tips and tricks ebook has been around for a while now, and I thought it was about time to start working on another free ebook like this one. This is where your input will help. Please post your comments and ideas for some more free maths tips and tricks here and I will endevour to include them in a revised free edition.

To get yourself my FREE ebook with tips and tricks, click on the link below:

Free Vedic maths ebook

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163 Responses to “Lightning Fast Mental Maths”

  1. Hi all,

    After downloading the ebook, I would love for you to leave your comments here for others to read, and perhaps even show us some of your tips and tricks?


  2. Free Verdic Maths ebook is useful because it has help for daily issues. It’s like maths for normal people, simple maths.

    But i noticed one mistake about adding time. If minutes are togeter less than 60 min, adding 40 gives wrong answer. Answer is already seen there without adding 40.

    For example. 1 hour 15 minutes + 2 hours 20 minutes = 115+220 = 335 = 3 hours 35 minutes

    For example. 1 hour 30 minutes + 2 hours 45 minutes = 130+245 = 375 = 3 hours 75 minutes + 40 = 415 = 4 hours 15 minutes

    (must add 40 if minutes are 60 or above)

  3. well it seems as if u have a pretty good knowledge abt mathematics but i m sorry to say that i was able to learn only one trick through ur online tutorials of vedic maths,i.e., of multiplyin two digits in one step. rest all the mails i received were useless. sorry, but thats the truth. i wish u could have taught me atleast sme more tricks bfore askin me to buy ur book.

  4. Free Vedic Maths ebook is good, Tricks in book can use well.

    Thanks for ben’s commment also. It’s help me so much.

  5. send me more tricks

  6. Hi Kevin, i asked for the math thing for my grandson. I have been a student of Vedic sciences for a good forty years. My speedreading is up to scratch, and my maths fast enough to get by. Due to my job – a homoeopath – my memory is phenomenal and does not need any improvement. I live exactly the way i want and have no unfulfilled ambitions – they are either fulfilled already or in the process of being fulfilled. i am a contented man. Thanks for your enthusiasm. That is what fails a lot of people. Keep up the good work. I told my grandson to reply, but he’s lazy and rather plays computer games than reply, he likes the tricks though.
    In my philosophy, the lazy and intelligent will get the farthest, though. They will engage all the others and reap the benefits.
    Gook luck!

  7. Awesome

  8. Dear sir, I had herd about vedic maths but never tried to check
    what is it? Now as it is available easily and I can
    copy it, I tried multiplying and squaring trics.
    I assure you that I will study this e-book and come back
    to you.

  9. Oh how easy life would have been if I had learned math the easy and fun way Vedic math. I am teaching it now to my children, is there a reason why we dont learn math this way in the western world? no wonder we are way back in science and our children are not doing well in school. My husband is an engineer and when I gave him some problems I finished them first he was amazed because I had always hated math ( well when someone tells you they hate math what they really mean is that they are afraid or they cannot understand it and a wall forms where nothing can enter) but now I actually love it!

  10. hi i am improving myself thank you very much.

  11. Could you pls elaborate on complex division eg 5151 / 12

  12. Hi Kevin and all,
    The book is too gud with the fundas of Vedic mathematics
    Can i have some more tips of it which are not there in the book.
    Please reply if you have some more tips.
    Thanks & Regards

  13. Hi kevin.

    thak you for giving me those wonderful information that made my maths so easy.
    please let me know if you have more tips like this which will be surely benificial for us

  14. You have really helped me improve my maths.
    I would like you to establish your company in Ghana to help we the African kids.
    Regards……Thanks a lot

  15. nice book

  16. Tauseef Ahmed on April 7th, 2008 at 7:00 am

    I m learning a lot of math. never before math. was so easy for me.

  17. Nice tricks and so much to learn…
    Thanks a lot…

  18. Your e-book is very informative to me and develops faster computation like computer.

  19. The tips on the e-book are very helpful. I wonder why these easy methods weren´t taught me during my time in school.

    Especially mulitplication by using the Nikhilam-Sutra is a method to multiply faster.

    Hope that the number of people who want to know more about “Vedic maths” will increase daily!

  20. I allready have several books on vedic maths, so it was interesting seeing how you are marketing just a small fraction of the things you can do with vedic maths

  21. Hi Kevin the tricks were good but unfortunately there was nothing about addition & subtraction

  22. its wonderful.really fast and interest arousing.

  23. Dear Shri Kevin and friends, the tricks of vedic math are really amazing and joyful. The math was never so easy for my kids prior to teach them the tricks of vedic math. I am really very very thankful to you and hope for necessary guidance in future also. God bless you all.

  24. Thanks Kevin you have described the vedic maths trick in very simple way.It was enjoyable and worth reading.
    Can you please add more maths tricks in your e-book or some reference from where we all can enrich our knowledge.

  25. kevin some of the tricks are really good.but those are few if you have more please send to me on my

  26. thank u
    sir still i think ancient indian trignometry and astronomical maths
    are very high level .provide us some shortcuts in tough subjects
    like trignometry,co-ordinate geometry,astronomy(eg: we can clculate exact time of solar and lunar ecllips).

    still now u’r response towards the members is very good, and i am
    fealing maths as a good play tool, all because of u
    thanking u once again.

  27. i want more information about vedic

  28. Hi Kevin,

    Firstly, Thanks a ton for sharing your amazing knowledge with so many people and enlightening their lives.

    It was indeed a great pleasure to come across your website and go through your amazing work. You have indeed described the vedic maths trick in very simple way.It was enjoyable and worth reading.

    I am really very very thankful to you and hope for necessary guidance in future also However I am still wondering why these easy methods are not taught in school.

    Hope that the number of people who want to know more about “Vedic maths” will increase daily!

    Please let me know if you have more tips like this which will be surely beneficial for me.

    Vinit Kapoor

  29. After learning this tricks i was amazed to see this fast methods.
    But now i want also some quick methods to factorize equations ,etc.
    please haelp me in this.

  30. hi,all of you.i have some methods to tell you.
    here it is-
    if you have to multiply any no. near 100,then i have a quick method
    for ex- 96*94
    sol- (96 is 4 less then 100 & 94 is 6 less )
    so, we can write as-
    explanation-here,we perform cross subtraction.96-6 & 94-6 will give the same answer you can do it in anyway.This give the first part of the answer.To get the second part multiply 4 by 6=24
    so you get it.
    This method can wor for no. mare than 100 also but in that case you will have to perform cross addition.

    but to try it at important places you should practise it a little bit more.

    if you have some doubt then you can leave reply
    thank you

  31. I have gone through your delightful ways of solving maths in lightening fast speed. Thank you not only for giving all these Vedic maths trick in a very lucid way but also for reminding us the fact that we do have enough great philosophy in Vedas.

  32. ramalingeshwar on June 11th, 2008 at 7:27 am

    hai kevin
    vedic maths tips really helped me a lot and i wanted to learn more about it
    Thank u

  33. I was happy to see such an easy method to solve multiplication & suare.Thanks for the free e mail book.Though i am a doctor still i wanted to know all these vedic math tricks because they were very interesting,It will help me a lot while solving our research paper in biostatistics.thanks

  34. I liked some of the methods to solve the problems like the time examples. I wanted this material for my daughter who is in class Vth & she took a great interest in learning some of these easy ways.

    I wish a good luck to authors .

  35. Prasanjit Panda on June 17th, 2008 at 10:14 am

    Hi Kevin,

    The book is really awesome. The short and friendly way of explanation gave me a very nice idea about the Maths. Thanks for your concerns towards the book and I can only say one thing.. Good job. Keep it up..

  36. These tricks have been around for a while and i can very well call them old…plz give us some new stuff!!!

  37. your book has really helped me a lot. Thanks for your consistent feedback.Hope to see your mail soon .bye

  38. dats really awsome,sir!!!!!!!hats of 2 u!!!!

  39. Hi Kevin, very useful indeed. Many thanks Dharmesh

  40. I found this ebook really helpful. It explains all the concepts in a very simple manner.

  41. this ebook is really very good and very helpful

  42. this ebook is awesome
    great job

  43. Hey Kevin, Its’ real fun using the methods u have shown to solve maths, Wish the schools also allowed this. I was a Dud at Maths but now can do some tricks & answer fast.

  44. Hi,
    The ebook is quite useful but not included the decimal part and the percentage calucations

  45. Hi Krishna,

    Decimal multiplication is available in the paid ebook.

  46. good source of information for a free sample…an eye opener…thank you for sharing…

  47. hi kevin,

    its so nice nice and helpfull.but i need the short cuts on each and every topic of apptitude.if possible please send me that e-book.

    thank you

  48. babu rajendra prasad on February 4th, 2009 at 5:03 am


    Mr. Kevin.

    It is wonderful and knowledgeable tips and i cann’t explain in words. your work is wonderful

    with thanks and regards

  49. Free Vedic Maths ebook is good, Tricks in book can use well.

  50. I was already aware of all the ‘tricks’ and tip you cover from other sites. All of the info from the ebook is available from your website, which I found to be a good revision, but I was dissapointed when nothing extra was provided.

  51. Really the tips and some tricks were useful both to me and also to those who find maths difficult. Whole heartedly I’m really thankful to kevin and other people who gave me such tips. and I humbly request you to send me some more tips on other chapters rather than simple multiplication and division.. I eagerly wait for the same.

  52. Well!!! This book is surprisingly very good. I learnt how Maths is easy through Vedic-Mathematics.
    One short cut for number divisible by 4. check the last two digits whether is divisible by 4. Simple. If it is divisible by 4, the whole number is divisible by 4.I am eagerly waiting for another book

  53. very good

  54. Hi,

    It is interesting and helpful.
    I forwarded the URL to all my contacts to make use of it.

    It is said that “if you share the wisdon, it will be enlarged”



  55. Hey,

    This stuff is pretty cool. There are many other vedic math tricks out there that aren’t covered, but the ones that are were explained very well…

    “Do not worry about your difficulties in mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater”- Albert Einstein

  56. wonderful…..but some of the tricks were known 2 me already

  57. I have enjoyed the few tips given in your free e-book on fast performance of mathematical operations. However, I expected the vedic approach to a bit higher mathematics than just multiplying and squaring operations of special numbers. May be you have reserved these things for the priced book version. Anyway, it is nice thatyou are bringing up these concepts and enjoyable ways of doing mathemaics. This has the sure potential of attracting many children towards mathematics.

  58. it waz useful nd i wuld like if u b snd me more tricks quick ones if u want me 2 trust it on

  59. i havnt had one sum one plz send me on

  60. It is just wonderful

  61. it was fantastic. thank u very much. i improved very much thank u

  62. Hey, thnx a lot 4 ur mails & 4 sharing ur amazing knowledge with so mny. They r really useful & wonderful. Sm of the tricks r taught 2 me @ school bt they r worth repeating.I’ll sure send the link 2 all my frnds.

    God bless u


  63. The book was really wonderful, though I have one hard copy book based on vedic maths. Thank you all the same.

  64. thanks for sharing those amazing tricks…. now i feel that calculating in mind is more easyer than i asumed it would be…. as i have finished my school it is usefull but not so much but i can make my younger brother learn this n score gud marks in his maths….

  65. Hello

    It is fantastic, I had heard about it, but hadn’t tried it.
    You have made it available on the web, and it is thrilling.It goes without saying that it has helped many and will keep helping so many in future also.

  66. Dear Kevin,

    Absolutely great stuff…………incredible knowledge one gains.

    Thanks so much.

  67. hi kevin,

    its really a good job. all i can say about your presentation thank you on behalf all users.


  68. It was good.Please provide some new uncomommon tips which are very useful in day to day.

  69. It is so interesting and so easy.
    Learning maths with these simple and easy tricks is fun and a great way to bring the children who run away from the subject to like it.

  70. hi kevin & hi everyone:
    it was really helpful & somthing to enjoy meanwhile. thank u really kevin & go on.

  71. Hi
    you r realy fantastic
    nice job and god bless comrade
    best regards

  72. hi kevin
    it was really helpful to all
    best regards

  73. great job dude

  74. hey it is really gr8…………very useful n very helpful…..keep it up…..

  75. Really good techniques. I found it difficult to study these from "The vedas" , actually I left studying it .You have really made it simpler.

  76. Try to get some Books on Vedic Mathematics , there are plenty of them.
    The one I have is
    Sixteen simple Mathematical
    Formulae from the Vedas

    happy hacking

  77. Thanks for commenting jituelect.

  78. Shalom, Kevin,

    I have been studying Vedic math for a short time and thoroughly enjoyed your ebook.
    I have been in MENSA for over twenty five years; however, I was never sufficient educated in math to work advance math. What I most liked about your book was the way you presented the information. I wish I had known this system when I was at Penn State; I probably would have been able to kick the 3.75 up to a 4.0 GPA.

  79. Hi Frank, thanks for the kind words. I’m glad you enjoy Vedic Maths and hope you can spread the word about it!

  80. I find the book is very interesting and very intelligent to find the tricks and tips for each topic.
    These are also very helpful for me to discover another angle of the mathematics.
    I am very enjoyed to show the students when I am turoring them.,They are also interesting like me.
    Thank you so much. I hope to receive some news from you..

  81. Devidas Tolani on August 27th, 2009 at 1:09 am

    Dear Kevin,

    In real sence your book is very good. With the examples given in this book it is very easy to understand the defficult problems in very short time. please send some more tips.
    Thanking You

  82. Thanks,
    Great work. Very helpful i hope if division methods explained.

  83. Hi Kevin, fantastic stuff and fairly easy to grasp – trick is to play around with own problems and make the mistakes to learn from. A few suggestions though, first where did the pounds to kilo's go? not realy a prob since most Ambo crews think in kilo's however i would like to see if possible time, speed, distance problems, a must if you have a known bleed out time- till death and a choice of hospitals- closest may not accept pt so easy calc whislst driving would be good – how about drug calc for students i.e. drip speed per kilo for x time etc. and yeah 0.00002ug x X ltrs/per min x time / bodyweight etc can be confusing when in a rush so easier calc would be grreat. .

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  85. free vedic maths ebook is very make maths easy for me. Thanks
    I would love to recieve more maths tricks.

  86. hi kevin,
    i liked very much the line tricks of multiplicaiton…..its very simple and easy for kids….
    can u please send me something else similar to this for division….?
    thanking you,

  87. Wonderful and very interesting at first sight, Sure I will share my experience about this book. Thanks a lot!

  88. Hi Kev's,

    I want to absorb what you are sharing to us.ü
    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.
    More power to you and God Bless you! ^_^

  89. it was really helpful and, it must contain little more tricks which would be more helpful for students and adults as well. it would make maths easier and also interesting.

  90. What does that mean in English, dokrak?

  91. multiplication by lines motivated and my students are more interested in shortcuts,

  92. men, this book is awesome and fantastic! although i haven't finished reading the whole book, well i feel is the best math cheat book i've ever seen. kevin thumbs up!

  93. hi…This ebook is quite interesting to me…..I dont no why people dont teach it in schooldays……..But to make perfect hand over it one needss to practic it hard….
    Thanks to kelvin and his team to upload this on net…….
    One more thing..I m nt able to take print of these notes may be coz of its scann document…so see if u can provide me in welll PDF notes…

  94. the tricks are good ones!! my way of doing maths has changed!! BUT..sorry for what i am about to tell you..These tricks are "simple ones"..IF we could get tricks for delicate questions..then it would probably be more "useful and effective" Last but not the least Vedic maths is very amazing and thank you what you guys give us(subscribers)1!.) Its you who deserve the credits!!..)

  95. send me tric for calculate multiplication of 3 or 4 digit no.and also divide

  96. Vedic Maths is really interesting one… and Kevin your topics are really good.. keep it up..

  97. This is very very interesting.. I would strongly recommend that all this tricks should be adapted by school teachers.. This would surely help all the kids who are scared of maths..

  98. all of your stuff in this blog is really uncomparable. and the strange thing is that they are all
    free. your tricks are very helpful. THANK YOU very much

  99. it is fantastic.i would like to learn more.

  100. It is good
    Can you improve on this to teach easy division, algebra, calculus etc.
    Do you have any material for that?

  101. Will be credit card be charged more then once?

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    Anybody signup for this Affiliate Marketing eBook yet? The guys who made it seem established

  103. Who Loves Money eBook?

  104. Have you ever seen what the internet looks like?

  105. Hi Kevin,
    To tell you the truth I do know quit a bit of SHORT-Cut Calculations. You may call it VEDIC
    or any other thing. The principles are the same and they have been well known to most
    persons who do calculations partly in their heads and party with pencil & paper.
    For example squaring numbers ending in 5 and squaring numbers from 51 to 59 is
    old hat.
    But, Kevin, how to square any two digit number is the challenge. I can square any two digit
    number from 11 to 65 with ease. However 66 to 89 mentally takes a bit longer.
    91 to 99 is child's play.
    The point is no Vedic system and no Tractenberg System teaches one to square 3-digit
    numbers mentally.
    103 to say ,some-where near 150 may be managable, mentally.
    Arthur Benjamin, the wizard knows how to hold numbers in his head while doing mental
    Kevin, teach us how to hold numbers in the head !!
    Have you noticed that many of the folk who have posted comments here, have sub-continental ( South Asian) names. Methinks, the word VEDIC is that which
    attracts them.
    I have some good books on VEDIC MATH and I also teach such methods in hobby-
    math classes ,for fun.
    The trouble is these books are badly written. So, sometimes it takes years to follow them.
    Further, many Vedic tricks,though excellent intrinsically, have no use any more.
    Eg. I can tell you 1/7, 1/13, 1/17,1/19 , 1/21 ,1/23, 1/29, 1/49 effortlessly to many many
    places of decimals. But,Kevin, in real life and in school and university mathematics
    these unit-reciprocals are little needed. So these VEDIC Maths tricks just end up being
    curiosities the mind knows. Not much different to the loads of poetry one knows by-heart.

  106. It's great, what you're doing here Kevin. I'm new to this Vedic Math systems and I'm grateful for every assistance, tips I can get! I'm glad you devote some of your time to share this knowledge, and I'll be glad to share some of my own ideas as soon as I come up with any good =) I've been experimenting with the systems I already know, to see how they work together, their limits, and so on. The insight you get by doing this is great ! Ones you see the connection between two or more systems, you also get greater understanding how those systems works. Which leads to that you can come up with your own shortcuts, own ideas of systems. Vedic makes math so much more interesting.

  107. Hello ! just wanted to say that you can also get the answer (in this example, 96×94) by using the "Square any number ending in the digit 5" method. This systems works, because the tenth (90 for example) are the same. Because you're squaring you will always copy the tenth. I don't know the real word for "tenths" but I hope you understand anyway..
    It also works because the units, (4 and 6 , in this matter) adds up to the number/base 10. So if you know about the "Square any number ending in the digit 5" method you can also use it here. 9 x (9+1) = 90 ,
    and 6 x 4 = 24 . The answer is 9024.
    Another example; 37 x 33 = 3 x (3+1) = 12 and 7 x 3 = 21 . The answer is 1221.
    Rule : The tenth has to be equal, and the digits must ad up to 10. (Just as in squaring any number ending in 5.)
    Maybe you alread knew this, but anyway, there you go =)

  108. These tricks are very nice and easy to learn. I want more tricks and I want to learn more maths through your tips.

  109. Tan phek Hong on April 3rd, 2010 at 4:31 am

    Thank you, Kevin, for the free e-book. The tricks are simple and easy to master.
    I've been looking into vedic websites for more challenging ways of calculating large numbers. This morning, Salman Khan was on our local TV, making a demonstration on Vedic maths.
    Thanks once again, for the enrichment.

  110. it's really very interesting to learn maths, hope that I can teach my son all this techniques. Thanks a lot Mr.Kevin.

  111. Thank U Very much Sir, it is very useful to me and my Sister & brother, I want to know more things,…Thank u Once again Sir….

  112. it was good,but need some thing else.

  113. No, just one time payment

  114. Siddanagouda on May 26th, 2010 at 3:53 am

    I am very happy with ur books on vedic mathematics an now i am bit flexible in fast reading…….. thanx for that…..

  115. Hi Kevin, amazing Vedic systems! – the kids at our Homework centre are really enjoying it and finding new confidence in the art of numbers

  116. Dear kevin…………thnk u for this gift

  117. vedic maths tricks from ur book are good. but can we have the some more tricks for higher mathematics like derivatives, Integration probability etc.

  118. Thomas Kandanat on June 20th, 2010 at 5:14 am

    The e-book is very useful. I heared about vedic maths very long ago, I am now reading this book mainly to teach my home students. My students realy amaized and like it and practicing the method. Again to say my hoby is Magic; so I can use the speed calculation in that field also.

  119. your tricks is so nice. i am unable to define in words

  120. It was a great great experience to have such vital tips which will definetly make my calculation easy and will save my time as well.

  121. thanks it help me a lot

  122. I am a bit disappointed with the content available. its quite less compared to what i expected.

    Anyways whatever is there, its really good.

  123. really good tricks//
    keep sending and good job done!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. Excellent stuff with wonderful information about the topic Lightning Fast Mental Maths in MemoryMentor's Blog! I'm new here and loving the post! Thanks for sharing this great info!

    This is great information. I appreciate the sincere appreciation. Thank you.

    Great tips! Great organization and ideas. Thanks!


  125. please send the tricks to me also

  126. kevin these are really good and if you have more please send more to me on my id

  127. Respected Sir
    Your book was really too good. All the tips in the vedic maths are very useful. All my students foud it interesting and thye also started paying interest towars solving the problems sing vedic math tricks.Thank you soo much

  128. really its an amazing book. Thanks for spreading such beautiful tips to all of us.

  129. Sir,
    Actually I am Having a problem that I have not received "Speed Reading course Day2".
    I will be very grateful to you if u can send me it again.

    Thanking You
    Gaurav Kumar

  130. As a teacher of 11 year olds I have been able to challenge my more able students and to raise the interest level of the more average students. Good work Kevin!

  131. sir , unfortunately i lost the copy of vedic maths . pls send it me once again..
    thanking you .

  132. It was awesome. But some things were hard.

  133. this is good!

  134. hi kevin
    u have taught me what math has to offer. i am beginning to learn so much of math beauty that is useful as a parent and professional monitoring on math and physics education across schools in my country. pl do be kind enough to continue sending me ur insight on math.
    tashi phuntsho

  135. very interesting.
    even more if any

  136. Hi Kevin,
    Some of your tricks are really good. It was so easy for me

  137. Kevin all the tricks are really good i keep an eye as soon as i get more……hope to find more at earliest

  138. Whao! This is amazing! Had I known the technique earlier, it would have been great for me to solve my mathematics exams.

  139. sir i got huge tips for solving maths probs.your mrthod is quite tricky and easy

  140. Dear Sir,
    I just went through it shortly. It's really interesting. I am a lover of Maths. So please send all the FREE materials to my e-mail id. (

  141. Please could you send me the Xerox copies of books on Vedic Maths. My e- mail id is
    I am a lover of Maths. I am too a lover of Vedic Books. I had some long before but lost while shifting from Ooty to Chennai. DEAR SIR,KINDLY OBLIGE. MY ADDRESS
    CHENNAI-600 087 (South India)

  142. Mr.Kevin,

    MY KUDOS to you.
    Keep sending and be in touch with me. You know my e-mail id.

  143. I really enjoy the vedic maths methods and intend to introduce more of them to my students. I believe they are useful tools and can in fact generate enthusiasm for the subject (maths). However, I still believe that the the Western approach to understanding our number system is best and should not be left out.

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    I can't imagine a simpler or more visually striking proof of "Vertically and Crosswise" than your lines technique. Not only does the lines technique work beautifully – it shows the workings of "Vertically and Crosswise" better than rows upon rows of equations.

    Not only that – if, in your next book, you begin with the lines technique to demonstrate "Vertically and Crosswise," you can go on to use that technique to show the workings for the "squaring a number ending in 5" technique again – and expand upon that to cover the "multiply two numbers where the sum of their units digits ends in 10" technique, e.g. multiplying 26 x 24 (624) or 97 x 93 (9021).

    If you have techniques for division, also, bring them to bear in your book. Everybody needs division, whether they have to work out how many of 135 sweets can fairly go among 9 kids (each child gets 15 sweets) or dividing a lottery prize of £5,409,126 among a syndicate of 18 (each syndicate member walks off with £300,507).

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    Apart from that the tips for converting pounds to kilos and celcius to farenheit were useful too.
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