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Body Language


Ever wanted to know more about man kind? How about knowing what the other person is really thinking by the movement of their eyes? Imagine the power you would have with this knowledge!

Well we at Memorymentor have put together this section for those of you who want to know about your fellow man. From body movements to eye signals, from what they say to what they don't say, we will cover it here.

Start using these tutorials in order, looking at eye signals and what the real meaning behind what the other person is saying.



Let's begin so by clicking the links below:

Eye Signals Lie Detector
Are they listening to you?Are they Relaxed Around you?
Did you upset them?Hot Under the collar
Eye RubbingFolded arms gesture
Crossing your legsChin stroking gesture
Evaluation GesturesPlacing fingers in the mouth
Covering the mouthMale Courtship Gestures
Female Courtship GesturesWatch their eye level indicators
Submissive Body LanguageEmotional Body Language



















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Body Language  Spot a liarIs she Lying to you?Does he Love you?Rubbing EyesHot Under the collarTouching earsAre they relaxed?Scratching their neckFolded arms