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Chin Stroking

Going to be presenting an idea any time soon? If so then this little tip about chin stroking will help you in finding out what the other person is thinking.

Watch them closely whilst presenting your idea to them. Don't be surprised if most if not all of your audience members bring their hand up to their face and start using evaluation gestures.

As you start to being your presentation to a close, and start to look for suggestions and comments from your members you will notice their evaluation gestures stop. One of their hands will now move to their chin and start a chin stroking action. This chin stroking movement is your signal to know that the person is making a decision.


If you are in sales and have just made a presentation and the chin stroking decision making action is taking place, don't make the mistake of interrupting the audience. Leave them to decide. You can often guess right what the outcome will be by watching for their gestures after the chin stroking.

If they follow the chin stroking with a negative gesture like crossing their arms, then its a sure possibility the answer will not be in your favour. You could possibly take this signal and then try and restate your case.

If you are met with positive gestures, like sitting forward, open arms, then you may be in for a positive decision.


If someone is wearing glasses they may take off their glasses and use the arm of the glasses in their mouth instead of stroking their chin.

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