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Competition Time

Memorymentor is this month offering two competitions. The prizes for each competition is a book, but not just any old book either!

Prize 1.


The Definitive Book of Body Language by Allen Pease

This book will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about anybody!

On the last day of each month we will draw a winner at random to win a copy of this book. But to be in the draw all you need to do is send us in your best tip or trick that you know. For more ideas about tips and tricks check out the forum




The next prize is a little special. There is only one of these to give away, and here's why...

Prize 2.

How to Develop a Perfect Memory by Dominic O'Brien

This book is RARE. You won't find it in any bookshop as they stopped printing this book about ten years ago. Memorymentor has managed to get hold of a copy in brand new condition and we want one lucky website visitor to have it.

To be in with a chance of winning this out of print hardback book by the Grandmaster of Memory Dominic O'Brien you must submit to us your best article of more than 100 words. The article must be memory or mind related, and may also be about any of the topics you will find on this website. It might be a cool maths trick you learnt as a child, or a particular phrase you memorized for remembering the order of the planets of the solar system, whatever you choose the article must be your own words and not copied from another website.

This particular competition is only open to the first 1000 article submissions so make sure to get your tips and tricks into Memorymentor on time!


To enter the competition please fill in the competition form below, making sure you select which competition you want to enter from the drop down menu!


Good Luck!



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