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Remember Your Password

What I used to do was use the same password over and over again. But if someone new just one of my passwords they would know them all!


Well here is a nifty way to create new passwords straight away and are almost impossible to figure out.

"My favourite dog's name was Sally"

What you do is decide first off the rules governing your password.
I am going to take the first letter of each word and create my password that way.

so my password is:




This means something to you but nothing to an onlooker and is not at all memorable for them!

It would be an idea to add a number on the end, so it could be the dog's age, or your's, or a friends etc...

You could alternate letters too; First letter of first word, second letter of second word, third of third, first of fourth etc...

So there you have it, your brand new password "generator" with ever so more memorable passwords!

Nuts and Bolts


Ever tried to untighten a bolt but just don't know whether it is too tight or you are actually making it tighter? Confused

Well this little phrase should help you:

"Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey"

So turn it to the left when unscrewing!

We've all been there. "Create a new password".