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Educational Software

We would like to tell you about a piece of educational software from a popular website in Ireland and the UK.

The website is called and it is a wealth of information for GCSE and A level students.

So what can you learn with this software? Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics to name buy a few and covers keystage 3 & 4.

Then there is the exam centre. Here you can practice what you have learnt and the best thing of all is that the whole thing is FREE!

That's right, this educational software won't cost you a thing.

The educational software covers things from early stages at school right up until leaving school, preparing you for the various stages of education.



This excerpt is taken from their website, this educational software consists of many modules for you to download and use with the educational software

myskooolTM  allows you to download's interactive lessons for use at home or at school.

Because you've downloaded lessons from, you don't need to be connected to the internet to have the complete skoool learning experience.

All the lessons you download are stored locally on your PC - so you can run them as often as you like and learn anytime.

Using the easy navigation or search facilities in myskoool, you can easily find and access the lessons you have already downloaded, as well as a list of all the lessons available for you to download from


So where can you get this software from? Visit this page to download it now, for FREE!