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My Review on Speed Reading Software - Audio

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A few months back I started looking into speed reading. Many of you have probably heard of speed reading or possibly seen someone on TV breaking a record of reading a certain amount of material in the shortest possible time.

Well perhaps most of us aren't looking to smash any records, but would certainly like to increase our speeding rate.

In the past I had read many studies that suggested the average number of words per minute read is somewhere in the region of 230. Well I timed myself and I came in at around 213 words per minute.

So when I stumbled across an audio program that teaches you speed reading in less than twenty minutes I took a look.

I was very sceptical at first that I could increase my current words per minute in only 16 minutes (it's true), and when I read the product page and checked out some reviews on the web I decided to buy it. Sure there was a fantastic money back guarantee anyway, so no loss if it didn't work for me.

That evening I had my speed reading rate to 332, then 480 and on last check I am at 680 words per minute! I am chuffed and have recommended this audio program to family and friends, and now I am posting it here to tell you all about it too.

Information about the course:

1. The course is done on audio format which means I was able to
learn the techniques in the car - cool. I love using my time in
the car to learn things, and this was another great thing for me
to spend my time doing - like a Mobile University.

2. The course didn't take me weeks to master. It took
minutes. Literally. I keep listening to it regularly though, and it keeps me motivated and wanting to keep practicing.

3. It isn't cheap. I could pick up a Speed Reading book on Amazon that would probably give me similar techniques, however this program was in audio format and I had a guarantee that if I wasn't happy I can get my money back. Besides, 16 minutes is a great time to learn something like this in!



As I said earlier, it isn't cheap, priced at $27 but what I got from it was well worth it. You see before I paid for it I felt that it was a fairly bold statement to make about reading faster in only 16 minutes, but hey I am up to 680 words per minute! Delighted.

Some of you might not like to listen to audio programs. I can assure you it is great to listen to and once you have mastered the techniques you will find you are reading more and more.

If you want to see the page and read more about it, check here



Want to get a FREE six day course on Speed Reading? Then just send a BLANK email to and check your email.