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The Major System

The Major System is one of the most powerful memory techniques around, and coupled with the Dominic System can prove to be a fantastic memory skill to add to your arsenal.

The building blocks of the system are the association of the numbers from 0 to 9 with the consonant sounds, that is to remember a number you use a word that triggers a memory recall for that particular number.


0 - z, s, soft c - you can remember this by z being the first letter of zero.
1 - t, d, th - remember this as the number of downstrokes in the letters, eg t has one vertical line
2 - n, remember this as n having two vertical lines
3 - m - has three down strokes
4 - r - there is an r in four.
5 - L hold out your left hand, looking at the back of your hand. Place your fingers together and try to get your
thumb as far away from your fingers as possible, this gives an L shape
6 - j, sh, soft ch, dg, soft g, - g is 6 rotated around 180 degrees
7 - k, hard ch, hard c, hard g, ng imagine K as two 7's rotated and back to back. They look like K's
8 - f, v - imagine the top loop of the ftrying to loop around to make an 8 shape
9 - b, p - b as 9 rotated 180 degrees

It is vital you don't move on until you have thoroughly learnt these associations.

Depending on how much time you are prepared to spend in learning these methods, the Major System can work on a small level right up to being able to memorize massive amounts of data.

The first level is coding the numbers into simple small words using the consonants associated with the numbers you are wanting to memorize.

This method is similar and indeed not as good as the number rhyme method, in my opinion, but it is best to know it to help build on to memorize much more data.

So at the first level we need to convert the numbers into short consonant words that will help us remember the number and the word associated with it.

0 - saw
1 - toe
2 - neigh
3 - ma
4 - ray
5 - law
6 - jaw
7 - key
8 - fee
9 - pie

Descibing these a little further lets look at 4 - ray

Remember we associated the letter r with four as it was a letter in the word four.
the word ray has the r in it, and the "ay" are really only there to help build a word we can use for an image.

5 had the letter L associated with it. The word created with L was law. You can see the L is the first letter, and the same rule is applied with all the numbers and letters.

If you were to see the word "ma" you would think about hte first letter, m, and see three downstrokes - the number 3!

Ok, so we can take this to the next level and look at two digit numbers:

09 - z, p - zap
17 - t, ch - tech
41 - r, s - rose
52 - l, n - line

So what has happened in this instance?

09 has become zap
the z comes from the zero and the p of zap comes from the reverse of 9!
52 has become line.
Line has the L which is 5 and two downstrokes for n giving two.

Master this set of instructions first before we move into further depth.