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Tips & Tricks

Here you will find a list of great mind performance tricks that will let you amaze your family and friends. Make sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly, we are adding more all the time!


Download some Vedic Maths here
"This pdf will give you some tips and tricks with math"

Morse Code "Master Morse code in minutes with this tutorial"

Deck of cards - Memorize 52 cards in any order

5 squared - simple, effective and unknown. This tip will blow you away!

11 times tables - an amazing technique to multiply numbers by 11

Spot a liar by their eye movements - this tutorial teaches you the basics of spotting a liar from their eyes


Memorizing OSI Networking Model - Know the correct order of this networking fundamental

Memorizing resistor colour codes - For the budding electrician, master the resistor colour codes

Adding time - a simple, effective technique to times together

Longitude or Latitude - how to know the difference

Knight's tour - Navigate a chessboard with a powerful memory

Temperature Conversion - Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa





 Learn a new French Word Every Day - Yes, check back each day and increase your vocabulary

Remember Passwords - This method is a cinch!