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Well where do I start?! You are going to meet a LOT of various techniques if you decide to look further into memory improvement. I am going to introduce you to the ones I feel are the most popular and worked well for me, and hopefully for you too.

I am going to start this approach systematically, so as you will learn from the ground up. It is best not to jump ahead to other sections as this will only hinder your learning curve. So to start things off, please look at the Dominic System.


1. Where it all Begins, the Dominic System
"Master this first and your Memory Retention will forever be great..."

Then, the Major System

2. The Journey Method, Putting what you have learnt into Practice
"Master the journey method and you will be amazed at your memory retention..."



3. Mastering a foreign language is easy with our tutorial
"Learning a foreign language now takes only a matter of weeks, not years..."

4. Back to Basics with French, how to Master your Present Tense ER Verbs
"Master the French Present Tenses with this simple step by step tutorial..."



5. Memorize Math formulas Easily

"Being able to recall the right math formula in an exam is vital. This tutorial shows you how to memorize the formulas..."


6. Tell the day of the week in any year is a cinch with this tutorial

"Being able to recall almost instantly what day of the week a particular event occurred is an invaluable tool to have..."




7. Memorize Licence Plates

"Did you get the registration of the car... the police officer says. Well Memorize the license plate with ease with this tutorial"


8. Studying Biology and having difficulty remembering your Zygotes and Arthropods?

"Biology is one subject that definitely relies on a powerful memory, read this tutorial on getting an advantage in your exams..."




9. Giordano Memorization System (GMS)

"The theory of memory in GMS This article will acquaint you with the Giordano Memorization System" memory model"


10. Mastering your multiplication tables is easy with our Vedic Math tutorials

"Multiplication tables are one of reoccurring problems people have in life, and now you can overcome that problem..."