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Journey Loci Method

The Journey Method proves to be one of the most popular methods of memorising material. Using the Journey method you can memorise vast amounts of information very simply. Decks of cards will become easy to remember, phone numbers, it can even eliminate the need of a diary!

So, how does it work? Well, as this is the second part of the Techniques I recommend you do, it will be very important. But, not like the 100 names and actions, it is remarkably simple. You have most of the information you will need already in your head.
From the name of the method, you could perhaps guess as to how it works. What you do is use locations along a route and place information along it.




I have a route that stretches many miles, and many different routes from different places from where I was on holiday too. Then I have some imaginary routes, ones I made up to do the task. Imaginary routes can be as real in your mind as actual routes. Tracing up and down my imaginary routes many times can make them appear real!

Even your real routes can have your own personal touch added to it. Out of road already? Send in the JCB's and build yourself a new one! The only way you will run out of road is if you run out of imagination. You won't. Trust me.


So, the best place to begin your journey adventure could be your home. What better place to start. I start my route in my bedroom, but you could start in the kitchen or outside. Make the journey a logical route. Don't make your route come back on itself. Always look on going forward. For example, don't start downstairs and end up in the bathroom upstairs, unless you want to use a rope ladder and climb out the window? That would be good. You would be using your imagination!

So, your next task is to try and get as many stages on your journey as you can. Use ones like a route to school, or to the park or to ANYWHERE!!! Can't think of any more routes? Make them up.

Remember, this technique is very important. Don't go on into the forum or other exercises until you have done this.

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